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12 Years and 7000 Hours Still Going Strong

Kell and Glennis Clarke moved to their idyllic beef property in the Atherton Tablelands in 2001. They made the change to get out of city life and start a new life in a beautiful part of the world. The 117 acre property was covered in Lantana and scrub and it has taken a lot of work to get it to where it is today.

In Kell’s words “Both Glen and I had spent most of our time in a suburban life style and we just wanted some space. We have learnt a lot and the place is coming together just fine. In the early days we did everything by hand. Getting that little tractor has been our life line. We got this East Wind in 2002 and it has been incredible. It’s only small but very versatile. This is real billy goat country here so the tyres are spread as wide as they can be, we have water in them and wheel weights attached. People are amazed at where I can take the little East Wind and what she will do in comparison to bigger tractors. You have to be careful but if you are smart about it she will do what she is asked.

We have done everything with the little East Wind. We’ve got a post rammer on it and it has put in literally thousands of fencing posts. In just one day we put in over 300 posts. It just idles away and does the job. We feed cattle with it, spray weeds, slash, fertilize and work the loader / forks to no end, she just does what we ask without any problems.

In addition to our own property we run agistment properties and help out neighbours so she has done a mountain of work.”


Kell continued “When we bought the tractor, Midway Sales were very good to deal with and it has been a positive experience ever since. The East Wind has now done over 7000 hours over a 12 year period. I do all of my own servicing and in all that time it has not used any oil or water. The engine has run perfectly all this time and never needed any work done on it. Of course there have been some minor repairs and the backup from Midway Sales has been excellent. The parts are readily available and Midway Sales just ship them overnight and I get them the next day. If ever I have been not sure what to do, the over the phone support has been really helpful. All round the East Wind has been really good for us.”


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