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Sold on Chinese

Matt Calleja goes back a long way with Chinese tractors. When he was growing up in Windsor his neighbours had a “Protrack 254” Chinese tractor. As a teenager he told his neighbours he wanted to buy this tractor if he ever bought his own rural property.

Sure enough Matt bought a 6 acre property just outside Orange and did buy the Protrack. Matt explains “I have had it for 7 years and it is over 20 years old. It hasn’t given me any problems and has done a lot of work. I only decided to upgrade because I wanted get a front end loader so I can pick up dirt and move it. Because of my previous experience I was sold on getting another Chinese tractor. I checked out a number of the Chinese tractors and some of the more expensive brands. I selected the East Wind because it had a good size bucket with a better lift rating than the others. I also liked the layout compared to the other Chinese models. The clutch is nicely positioned and easy to use. I also liked the feel of the joystick control on the front end loader. The big industrial tyres are impressive and look indestructible. So with all these features it just seemed a waste of money to buy a more expensive brand.”

Matt continued “The 4 in 1 bucket will enable me to do a whole lot of things that I would have to pay a contractor to do otherwise. I know I will get my money’s worth in no time. I am looking forward to building some retaining walls and getting the garden into shape with a rotary hoe.”

As for the old tractor, Matt couldn’t bear to part with it so it has been passed onto his dad to help out with tasks on his property.



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