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Power and Comfort

Peter Simmie is the third generation to live on the family farm “Belmont” in Yuroke just north of Melbourne.

The farm was originally 1500 acres and used for sheep.

The farm has been scaled down to 160 acres now and Peter and his wife Robyn run 40 Red Angus cattle just for the lifestyle. But it certainly keeps them busy with a successful breeding program led by “Hercules” the bull. The property also has an established vineyard first planted in 1997. The families “Yuroke Vineyards” label has produced a number of award winning wines predominantly Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

Growing up on the farm Peter is no stranger to tractors. His last machine was a 50HP Kubota. In fact Peter has had 3 Kubota tractors in a row. Peter decided he was ready to upgrade to a bigger tractor to comfortably manage round hay bales. Peter explains “The 5x4 round bails can weigh up to 360kg. Ideally I was after a machine that could handle a bale on the front and the back to minimise handling time.”

Peter did the research to see what was out there. He looked at Kubota again along with a number of other brands.

Peter continued “I spend a fair bit of time
in the tractor feeding out the cattle, slashing and maintaining the vineyard so a comfortable cabin was important to me as well as the lifting capacity.

I went to Midway Sales and looked at the Bransons. The 65HP looked like a really good size for me. The lifting capacity was ample, the cabin was nicely laid out with a flat deck. I tested the air conditioning and it puts out plenty of cool air. Even though I have had a number of Kubotas I was confident to buy a machine out of South Korea as they have a very good reputation now. Switching to a Branson meant I got a 4 in 1 bucket as standard and saved a fair bit of money at the same time. This gave me plenty of funds for a new Hanmey slasher and bale spike. I have done a few hours now and I am very happy with my purchase. It is a powerful machine that gets the job done in comfort.”



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