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It’s all Looking Rosie

Rod and Sue Goldsbrough live on the aptly named property “Wataview” in Villeneuve.  The 18 acre property has commanding views of the Glass House Mountains and surrounding waterways and is situated around 100 kms northwest of Brisbane.

Rod explains “We have lived here for 9 years and it is our little escape from the rest of the world.  I grew up in suburbia and we are just living the dream, enjoying the peace and quiet and rural lifestyle.  We have a few head of cattle and a couple of goats.  It’s all just for fun and we even name the animals.  But there is a fair bit of work in keeping the property in good order.  The driveway to our place is quite long and steep and we can get a fair bit of erosion damage when it rains.  I had been doing all the driveway maintenance with a shovel and it just was wearing me out.  We also need to keep the weeds down as lantana is a problem in this area.  I would walk all over the property with a heavy spray pack on my back and it was just too much hard work.

We knew it was time to get a tractor to make life easier.  I have never owned a tractor before and wasn’t sure about the best place to go.  I checked out a few dealers and ended up choosing a Dongfeng from Midway Sales.  It was a great price at just under $14,000 but I was also very impressed with the staff who were genuine to deal with and took the time to understand what we needed on our property.  And after learning that they had been in business for 15 years and seeing their professional operation I had a lot of confidence that they could back me up with spare parts.


Its a little 25HP machine that is so easy to drive with power steering – we love it so much Sue has named her “Rosie”.  She has plenty of power and I have found the 4 in1 bucket is really good for keeping the driveway in good knick by giving it a quick regular blade before the ruts get too big.  We also got the carry all with a sprayer unit.  Sue and I are a good team.  I chug along in low gear and Sue walks behind taking charge of the spraying because she if very fussy about making sure we stay on top of the weeds.  But now that Sue has seen “Rosie” in action she is ready to take over the driving.  Sue is pretty keen on the garden too and the 4 in 1 bucket sure beats a wheelbarrow for carting mulch.

We are so glad we bought “Rosie” because she really has made our lives so much easier.”

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Rod and Sue Goldsbrough
are so glad they bought their little red tractor
“Rosie” because it just makes life so much easier.


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