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Brad and Mel Davis own an idyllic 10 acre property, “Meldarra” in Delaney’s Creek around 70km north of Brisbane.  They’ve had the property for 18 years and put plenty of work into developing it.  The couple are keen stock horse owners and run a few head of cattle.

Their interests in stock horses include camp drafting, mustering and involvement with the pony club. Mel is often out mustering on huge cattle properties in the Somerset region.

Brad is a country boy having grown up on the land and spent plenty of time milking cows in his youth!  Away from the farm Brad has years of experience operating all sorts of machinery working for the local water authority.  He is a supervisor these days but Brad has used everything from 10 tonne cranes to skid steer excavators. He is very familiar with commercial tractors with backhoes for trenching work.

When it came time to upgrade his own tractor Brad had a pretty good idea of what he was looking for.  Brad explains “I looked at New Holland and I looked at Kubota but when I saw the East Wind I knew it was the best value for me when you compare the features available for the price. I was particularly impressed with the shuttle shift transmission which I know from experience is reliable and easy to shift between forward and reverse.

I chose the 30 HP DFS 304 as it came standard with a 4 in 1 bucket and the controls are very well laid out.  I have now had over 70 hours use and it is a pleasure to operate. It has a nice tight turning circle and the gear ratios are perfect for the machine.


One of the main jobs has been to build our horse arena.  This little tractor tackles levelling digging and shifting with ease. The 8 ply industrial tyres are very tough and I haven’t had any punctures like I used to get on my old tractor.

I bought a few implements as well to get the most out of the tractor. I have found the East Wind has plenty of power to get through thick, long grass when using the slasher. Even slashing for a couple of hours the temperature gauge stayed constant which is a good sign.

I have dug over 70 holes with the post hole digger for fencing and putting in the horse arena.  The ground is very hard here with deco granite and the combination of tractor and digger comfortably cut down to 600mm. The set up is definitely very robust. I eventually had to replace the auger teeth but the after sales service was great.

 The 2 speed PTO has been perfect for getting the right speed for various implements.  A carry all has been great for carting hay up from the sheds. We have been able to get a lot done with this machine and I would have to say the package is a tremendous buy.”

East WInd Tractor DFS304 with 4 in 1 loader building horse arena photo
East Wind Tractor and lady on horse photo


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