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World's First 3 Machines in 1 - Hanmey TRiO 61HP Crawler Tractor

Multi-tasking Genius

The Hanmey TRiO is a great investment for heavy duty applications and a smart way to keep capital costs down. A genius in multi-tasking, the Trio has taken over the work of three different machines on sites across Australia. A proven workhorse, the Trio is a highly capable dozer, loader and tractor all in one.

At the heart of the TRiO MD-50 MKII is the Perkins 400 series turbo charged industrial engine. It is legendary for impressive torque, smooth operation and low noise levels. Combined with low operating costs and bullet proof reliability,  the Perkins is the perfect  power plant for the TRiO MD-50 MKII.

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Do more

There is no other machine more versatile on the market. Whether you are in earth moving, construction, fencing, logging, forestry, mining or farming you have got to have a closer look at the TRiO MD-50 MKII powered by Perkins.

Hanmey Trio MD-50 with Loader lifting tree photo
Hanmey Trio MD-50 with post hole rammer photo

Do it easy

The TRiO MD-50 MKII is all about making it easy. The dozer blade and loader can be swapped over in around 15 minutes using the clever quick release system. The same joystick control is used for both the dozer blade and bucket attachments making it easy for the operator to interchange between functions. Another clever design feature is the steering and braking are controlled with the feet using an intuitive pedal system. This frees the hands to concentrate on operating the loader or dozer.

Hanmey Trio MD-50 loader and blade removal photo
Hanmey Trio MD-50 fitting blade photo

3 Machines in 1

Imagine what you can achieve on your farm or worksite with this genius of multi-tasking. The worlds first Hanmey TRiO MD-50 MKII Crawler Tractor does the work of a dozer, loader and tractor.

The PAT blade is great for small scale cuts, final trim and clearing. A simple joystick gives you 6 way control. The blade can be moved up and down to control the amount of material you cut or push. Angle the blade left or right to move material to the side. Or tilt the blade to either side to create cambers for drains or slopes on driveways.

The loader is ideal for moving material. The 4 in 1 bucket design means you can do so much more. You can scoop, blade, level as well as grab. Opening the 4 in 1bucket exposes the blade for light scraping and pushing of soil. Being able to close the bucket over objects gives the ability to grab, self levelling feature enhances safety and makes it easier for the operator to use by keeping the bucket angle consistent when lifting and lowering.

The possibilities with the PTO and 3PL are endless. Fit a slasher, post driver, rippers, even a back hoe or just about any implement you would to a standard wheeled tractor.

Then you get the benefit of hydraulic down pressure in the three point linkage. This provides down force at the 3PL helping to break through compacted soil with the RA-50 ripper.

All this is combined with a “go anywhere” steel tracked machine that gets the job done.

Hanmey Trio MD-50 with blade bulldozing dirt photo
Hanmey Trio MD-50 with 4 in 1 bucket loading dump truck photo
Hanmey Trio MD-50 with side shift backhoe on it photo


•  Steel Tracks
•  2.2L, 61HP, 4 Cyl Perkins Turbo Diesel
•  6 way Hydraulic Blade
•  4 in 1 Bucket, Self-levelling
•  Power Shift Transmission 2 x 2
•  Easy Change Implements
•  Comprehensive 2 Year Warranty
A row of Hanmey Trio MD-50's with just blade, just loader and both loader and blade on it photo


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Hanmey TRiO MD-50 MKII Introduction Video

Perkins Diesel Engine Animation



    Untitled Document
    Engine: Perkins 404D-22T, 4 cyl diesel, water cooled, 4 stroke, indirect injection
    Engine power: 61HP / 45.5KW
    Displacement: 2.2L
    Transmission: Power Shift
    Speed forward / reverse: 2 x Forward / 2 x Reverse
    Brakes & Steering: Hydraulic assisted foot pedal control, (Clutch / Brake)
    Hydraulic System: Casappa gear pump
    Hydraulic Oil Pump: 88L/m at 2,300rpm / 17 MPA
    Total Operating Weight: 5,559kg
    MD-50 Tractor Weight: 4,150kg
    FL-50 Loader Weight: 856kg
    FB-50 Blade Weight: 553kg
    PTO: Yes
    3 Point Linkage: Yes - Cat. 2
    Tracks: Steel
    'PAT' Blade: Hydraulic 6-way blade with power angle tilt, quick release hydraulic PAT
    Blade Capacity: 0.9m3
    Front End Loader: Quick release, self levelling, 4-in-1 bucket and lockout pins
    Bucket Lift Capacity: 1,000kg
    Bucket Capacity: 0.7m3
    Blade / Bucket Width: 2150mm / 1780mm
    Power Take Off (PTO): Non - independant
    PTO Speed: 540 & 1000 rpm
    Linkage System: Downward pressure with float
    Linkage System Lift Capacity: 1,900kg
    Fuel Tank Capacity: 65L diesel


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