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East Wind DFS1004c– 100HP Deluxe Tractor with Air Conditioned Cab

The DFS1004c is at the very top of the East Wind tree.  With air conditioned cab and 100HP at your disposal you can take on some serious farm work in all kinds of weather. Powered by a 5.6 litre 4 cylinder high torque diesel engine you can drive bigger implements and get the job done faster. One of the heavy weights of its class the DFS1004c weighs in at an impressive 5.5 tonne (tractor and loader) so you will be able to get that power to the ground.
 The DFS1004c is packed with features. The front end loader comes complete with an Italian designed and manufactured joystick control and valve for smooth and precise operation including opening and closing the 4 in 1 bucket. To top it off you get a synchromesh gear box eliminating the “crunching noise” found on more basic tractors.  It all adds up to easier gear selection and smooth shifting on the move.
And you can rely on the German made Luk clutch
to efficiently transfer power.


•  100HP 4WD Tractor
•  5.61 litre, 4 cyl diesel engine
•  4-in-1 front End Loader
•  Italian Joystick Loader control
•  12 forward & 4 reverse gears
•  4 Year Warranty*
•  Agricultural/lug tyres
•  Synchromesh Transmission
•  Full Access Bonnet
•  Rear Hydraulic Remotes
•  Power Steering
•  Air Conditioned (factory fitted) Cabin
•  Suspension Seat
•  2 Speed PTO
•  Step Through Deck
•  Suits 10 – 100+ acre properties

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Untitled Document
Drive type: 4WD
Horsepower: 100HP
Overall length (front weight to link end): 4255mm
Overall width (outer wheel tread): 1200mm
Height to R.O.P.S (top): N/A
Height to canopy (top): 2850mm
Height to steering wheel: TBA
Ground clearance: 425mm
Tractor weight with ballast: 3965kg
Minimum turning radius: 4.8m
Speed forward: 1.9-35.1 km/h
Speed reverse: 1.9-35.1 km/h
Suspension Seat: Yes
Hydraulic Remotes: Yes
Step Through Deck: Yes
Bonnet Engine Access: Full
PTO Clutch: Yes
Air Conditioning: Yes (Factory Fitted)


Untitled Document
Model: TBA
Type: Direct injection, vertical liquid cooled 4cyl diesel
Gross power(12hr rated power kW/hp): 73.5/100
Cylinders: 4
Bore and stroke: TBA
Compression: TBA
Displacement: 5.61 l
Speed rated at: TBA


Untitled Document
Transmission Type: Manual
Gearbox: Synchromesh
Gears 12 x Forward / 4 x Reverse
Brake type: Wet multi disc
Clutch type:  
Rear differential lock: Mechanical
PTO type: Live
PTO rotating speed: 540/1000 rpm
PTO kW/HP: 63.2/86
3PL capacity at Ball End: 2600kg (cat 2 linkage)


Untitled Document
Hydraulic main pump: 46 l/min
Hydraulic output adaptors: Dual hydraulic remotes
Fuel capacity: 135 l
Engine Oil: TBA
Power Steering Oil: TBA
Gearbox and Differential Oil: TBA
Front Differential Oil: TBA
Front Hubs Oil: TBA
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir: TBA


Untitled Document
Front tyre size - Agricultural: 13.6-24
Rear tyre size - Agricultural: 16.9/34
Front tyre size - Turf: N/A
Rear tyre size - Turf: N/A
Front tyre size - Industrial: N/A
Rear tyre size - Industrial: N/A


Untitled Document
Model No: BL-100
Supply: Optional Extra
Loader Control: Joystick
Bucket width: 1900mm
Quick Release from Tractor: Yes
Quick Release Bucket: Yes
(A) Lift height at Pivot Point: 3200mm
(B) Dump clearance: 2300mm
(D) Crowd angle: 35°
(E) Dump angle: 76°
Lifting capacity: 1200kg (3pl ballast fitted)
Weight: 1050kg


Untitled Document
Model No. (by Hanmey Implements): BHEF-225
Driven By: Tractor's Hydraulics
Boom Type: Fixed
Boom Type Option: Side-Shift Boom available BHES-225
Bucket width (standard): 400mm
(A) Max. Digging Depth: 2250mm
(B) Max. Digging Radius: 3300mm
(C) Max. Digging Height: 3450mm
(D) Max. Unloading Height: 2300mm
Stabilizer Width: 1700mm
Swing Angle for Boom: 180°
Weight with Bucket: 680kg


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