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Branson tractors are simply world class. Precision engineering and high performance features deliver a product suited to commercial operators and lifestyle farmers demanding the best.  Stand out features include best in class turning circles, heavy weight transmissions for putting power to the ground and true flat deck configuration.  Coupled with our factory direct pricing these quality Branson Tractors are a smart investment.

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There are lots of tractors on the market so why choose a Branson

Branson have been designing and manufacturing tractors in South Korea for more than 40 years. Branson is the brand name used in Western markets for Kukje Machinery. They are in fact the largest agricultural machinery company in South Korea, distributing worldwide.

Kukje credentials over time are impressive. They have had technology agreements with the Japanese brand Yanmar, licence agreements to build Cummins engines and even build some models for John Deere.

 The first thing you will notice is the quality finish of the metal panels used for the bonnet and mud guards of the Branson. Metal panels don't flex and wobble while the tractor is running and don't split or break if you hit something. The metal panels are meticulously prepared and power coated for a high gloss finish that looks amazing and will last a life time.

Looking great is one thing but it’s the unseen that makes the Branson really shine. The ergonomic suspension seat gives the operator a comfortable seating position with easy access to all levers and controls and makes you feel like you can work all day. All Branson Tractors are built with, and a large open operators platform. Turn the key and the proven, fuel efficient diesel engine comes to life quickly, running smooth and quiet with plenty of power.

During operation you will notice how easily all the gears select with the synchro-mesh gearbox. The factory fitted loader control valve provides smooth and controlled loader operations complemented beautifully with the synchro-mesh forward/reverse shuttle lever or Auto HST for fast and easy direction changes.

When comparing compact tractors horsepower alone does not tell the whole story. Many compact tractors, no matter how famous the brand name, are built on a light chassis. This is questionable when it comes to durability and leads to problems with transferring horsepower to the ground where it is needed the most. Lighter tractors produce excessive wheel slippage and suffer from imbalances when implements such as loaders and slashers are added. Adding additional ballast can fix these problems but can be expensive and also inconvenient. The Branson build concept is a little different. The ballast is built into the chassis of the tractor. They feature cast iron axles, transmissions and rear end housings. The weight is where you need it most to get the horse power to the ground, plus you get a much stronger, sturdier tractor. This is why Bransons are well known as a safe tractor for all terrain.


Most importantly check your specifications

Other manufactures offer economy or down specification models to offer cheap prices. Branson tractors don't remove features such as 3 range transmission, synchronized range shift or rear hydraulic remotes to cut costs. We offer full spec engines and transmission and include many features as standard that others charge more for as optional extras. This gives you the best value possible.

We are so confident of the tractor quality we offer an industry leading 4 year warranty. This is a manufacturer’s warranty not an extended warranty through an insurance company, as many of our competitors use. This means you deal directly with us. This provides peace of mind in buying the right tractor with the best support. Before you purchase your tractor, take a few minutes to compare the specifications, features and price. We are sure Branson Tractors will exceed your expectations.


Why Choose Us

Branson Tractors are distributed in Australia by the family owned business, Midway Sales. We offer 20 plus years’ experience in the Australian market and back Branson tractors with over 120 local service agents for after sales support. We have over 5000 lines of spare parts in stock ready to go across our various brands.

With a Midway Sales branch located in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, we highly recommend that you test drive a Branson Tractor and see just how good they really are.


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