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Branson for Brian

Brian Cunningham has had his 80 acre property on the edge of town in Parkes since 1979. He owns and breeds trotters and has had some success in competition on the track. He has seen a mix of luck and enjoyed the ride over the years.

Apart from that, Brian is somewhat of a local identity around Parkes having sold produce, fruit and vegies in town since the 70s then moving onto owning the local IGA grocery store.

Every year Brian sows 65 acres of oats and wheat varieties suitable for horses.  He turns his crop into round bales of oaten and wheaten hay. The hay is sold to local feedlots and horse properties.

Brian purchased a Branson 6640C, loader, fork attachment and slasher in April 2014. The new tractor is a welcome addition to his property with its capacity and air conditioned comfort. Brian explains “I recently had a hip replacement and I find the machine easy to operate. I have used the Branson to rake the oaten and wheaten hay crops in front of the bailer. The fork attachment has been great for collecting and stacking the round bales. It was so good we could easily load the round bales onto the truck two at a time.”

The Branson has also been put to work slashing cleaning up the property and maintaining fire breaks. Brian continued “This season the tractor will be used in preparation for sowing the new crop. We will use it pull my 7 tine chisel plough to get through a deep hard pan, followed by a 21 tine 3PL scarifier.”

Brian concluded “I have been so impressed with the products and service from Midway Sales, I went back and bought a 6 foot grader blade to maintain my tracks. I now have a great package of implements and the perfect tractor for my needs.”



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