Even better than I thought it would be

Doug Bettens describes his property in Cooran Qld as being like a “private national park”.

It falls under a voluntary conservation agreement along with adjoining properties to protect native wildlife and vegetation.

Doug explains “The local habitat supports wallabies, echidnas, dingoes and there is a shy koala hiding in here somewhere. There around 300 species of birds that frequent the area and abundant indigenous plants.  We have a number of walking tracks throughout the area to enjoy the bushland and I have even built some pedestrian bridges to improve accessibility.  It’s a lot of fun but is also hard work. The tracks need maintaining with fallen trees and managing erosion etc.  There is also the battle against the lantana weed. So I decided we needed a new tractor to keep on top of the work.”
Doug was a plumber for many years and is pretty handy at metal fabrication. His workshop is equipped with lathes, benders, welders and alike. He has tinkered with engines all his life so he is a pretty good judge of what works and what doesn’t.
Doug continues “I did some research and liked the idea of a Korean machine. They build some very good stuff and the pricing is much better than a John Deere or Kubota. After looking at a few options I decided on the Branson. The finish of these tractors is very good. I really liked the leg room. I am 6’2” and I just wouldn’t fit comfortably in a lot of the other machines. The adjustable steering wheel helps too. It had
an electric PTO which makes life simple. Everything under the bonnet is easily accessible including checking the water. Dealing with a company like Midway Sales that has been around for years makes the decision easier too.
Going for a reasonably priced Korean tractor meant I still had some money for implements too. I got the side shift backhoe, a post hole digger and a flail mower which I have put to good use.  I have pushed a lot of dirt and tree branches with the Branson and it is in pretty steep country. Both the 4 in 1 bucket and backhoe perform very well. It’s done 250 hours and now that I have had it for a while I can honestly say it is even better than I thought it would be.  It is an amazing tractor.  It is all the little things that make the difference. It starts really easily, runs very quiet and the clutch is nice and light. The synchromesh transmission selects very easily. It is easy to refuel because the tanks are located low. I like the exhaust being low and out of the way too.  My neighbour keeps snagging the exhaust pipe on tree branches on his tractor. I bet he wished he bought a Branson too!”


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